Central Heating

Are you feeling cold in your home??

Central heating creates a very pleasant and warm environment in the home during the cooler periods of the year. Convenient and very controllable if the system is installed correctly.
Essentially central heating is where heat is created in a convenient place, and distributed to the other areas where it is to be enjoyed. Warm air or water may be used to get the warmth to the rooms where you are.

We offer independent advice on the different types of systems that would suit your particular needs; combination system or a sealed system. We would take room measurements, note the age and type of construction, existing insulation and window glazing in order to estimate the type and size of boiler required. Types of boilers include: conventional, combination, condensing, storage tanks or pressurised cylinders. Unfortunately, due to regulatory changes all newly fitted boilers must be of the condensing type to comply with the Governments environmental policy April 2005. Let us know your budget and from the above information we would cater a solution to meet your budget.

We install most types of boilers, new, replacements or up-grades. We install complete central heating systems. We also offer installation, relocation and/or replacements of radiators to existing systems.

Brief History of Central Heating Systems
The technology has a long history. Warm air underfloor heating was used by the Romans in Britain and other northern cities of theirs from about 100 AD. They used the hot air from fires which was channeled under floors and into walls. A good example of this is contained in the Roman Baths in Bath, England where it was used to heat the Roman versions of the hot tub and steam room. Warm air central heating was also used by the Koreans in their Ondol or hot stone floors which can be traced back to their Koguryo period (37 BC to 668 AD).

Wet or water assisted central heating was used by the Cistercian monks in their famous Monastery the Real Monasterio de nuestra Senora de Rueda in Aragon region of Spain around 1200 AD.

Central heating has come a long way from those days. Here in the UK, wet central heating systems using radiators to heat the rooms is the most popular. There is also growing interest in wet underfloor heating systems for luxurious warmth and also for efficiency reasons. Warm air central heating systems had a brief period of popularity. They fell out of favour as they were perceived as noisy and draughty systems.

Advantages of an Unvented Central Heating System

  • Hot and cold water supplied to all taps at mains pressure.
  • Drinking water at all cold water taps as water is supplied directly from the incoming water pipe.
  • Excellent shower flow and pressure without the need for noisy shower pumps.
  • Energy efficient, quiet operation and good water flows rates.
  • Balanced hot and cold water supply giving wider choice of taps and fittings.
  • No storage tank in the loft freeing up potentially valuable loft space and removing the risk of:-
    • Water stagnation
    • Legionella. Safer for the old folks and young children.
    • Frost damage to pipes in loft.
  • Lower insurance premiums due to the absence of stored water in the loft
  • Greater system design and flexibility to meet your requirements in the home
  • Not open to the atmosphere preventing gasses being absorbed thus reducing corrosion in your central heating system.
  • Simpler plumbing system resulting in less pipework, less installation time - SAVING YOU MONEY!

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