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Electric Help Cardiff are happy to assist with any household electrical emergencies from a tripping RCD fuse to a complete household re-wire. We provide solutions to your electric problems.

Electric fuse board keeps tripping
Locate fuse box and identify whether it is the: lighting; electrical sockets or ring circuits; cooker or shower fuse which has been tripped.

For lighting circuits there should be a fuse for the individual floors, ground floor; first floor, etc.. Identify which level has been effected. With the fuse in the "OFF" position. Switch all bedrooms, hallway, kitchen and bathroom lights off. Turn the fuse to the "ON". In turn switch each light on one at a time. The RCD or MCB should trip once the faulty appliance has been energised. Contact Us for further assistance or for an estimate.

P0019 Hallway

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Ring or socket circuits are generally zoned; ground floor front; first floor rear, etc. Identify which circuit been tripped. With the fuse in the "OFF" position, switch all sockets off and remove all appliances connected to the individual sockets. Switch the fuse to the "ON" position and methodically switch a socket on and off. If the fuse is tripped this socket needs to be replaced. Contact Us for further assistance or for an estimate. Check the appliance lead for any signs of damage or scorching prior to plugging into and switching socket on. If the fuse is tripped once the appliance is energised switch socket off and remove appliance. Contact Us for an estimate to carry out a PAT test on the appliance as this may have an electrical fault.

For bathrooms and shower rooms the wiring can be inter-conneted. There could be an isolator switch controlling all the electrics in the bathroom: lighting; extractor fan and shower. Alternatively there may be individual isolator switches for the individual appliances. With the shower circuit fuse in the "OFF" position. Switch all isolators in the Bathroom to the "OFF" position and ensure lights, extractor fan and shower are also switched off. Low Maintenance Washbasin in Rented House

Mount Pleasant Bathroom

For safety purposes the lighting circuit is checked first. Switch the lighting fuse at the main fuse box to "ON" position. In sequence
  • Switch the bathroom main isolator ON
  • Switch bathroom lighting ON
  • Switch extractor isolator switch ON
  • Lastly switch extractor fan ON

If the bathroom lighting goes off immediately after one of these switching, we have identified approximately where the fault is. Contact Us for further assistance and an estimate for repair or replacement.

Having identified the fault in the bathroom is not with the lighting circuit or the extractor fan we can concentrate on the shower. Switch the shower fuse at the main fuse to "ON". The bathroom main isolator switch is "ON" having carried out the above checks. Switch the shower isolator switch ON and turn shower ON, allow sufficient time for the water to heat up and work through shower hose. If no hot water comes through Contact Us for further assistance and an estimate for repair or replacement. Edington Avenue Bathroom

Whether you need a fuse changing to a complete home re-wire. Contact Us we would be happy to provide you with an estimate.

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