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Gas Help Cardiff can assist with any domestic gas emergencies from new cooker needs replacement hose to boiler not working. We are happy to help with replacement parts to installation and design of a complete new gas central heating system. We are Gas Safety registered Engineers.Click on link Gas Safety Register to check our registration or find a Gas Safety member in your area. We are happy to advise on the various options available.

New Gas Hob Fitted in Rented House

Please select from the list below the kind of problem that you have :

A Gas Leak or I Smell Gas

If you suspect or can smell escaping gas, than:
  • Turn off Gas supply immediately at the meter/emergency control valve.

  • Extinguish all sources of ignition.

  • Ensure NO SMOKING

  • Do not operate electrical light or power switches on/off

  • Ventilate the building by opening doors and windows.

  • Ensure access to the premises can be made.

  • Report the Gas escape or leak to the National Gas Emergency Service Call Centre on 0800 111 999

  • British Gas or Transco will disconnect the Gas supply or appliance.

  • Call Us to investigate, quote to repair the fault.

My Gas Boiler is not working

  • Have you been instructed into operating all the controls? Can you obtain the Instruction Manual for help and assistance?

  • Are there any indicator lights "ON" to show that the system has electrical power?

  • If there is power, do any other Gas appliances work properly? If they do, there is probabily a Gas related fault and Call Us.

  • Do you know if your appliance has a Pilot Light? Can you re-light it, if it has blown out? Otherwise Call Us.

  • Is your applicance an Combination boiler (Combi)? Is the system pressure gauge showing more than 0.5 Bar? If not, can you increase the system pressure? If not Call Us.

  • If you cannot restart your boiler after using our Trouble Shooting Guide above. Call Us.

Give my gas boiler or cooker its' Annual Service

  • Inform us on the Make and Model of each appliance you want serviced.

  • Do you have the Manufacturers Service Booklet for each appliance?

  • Call Us with this information, the address where the appliances are and suitable times for the service visit.

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