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Portfolio of Completed Projects

Our portfolio of completed kitchen Cardiff projects. We have included a commentary on the project. Kitchen Cardiff can supply and fit kitchens from B&Q, Howdens, Magnet or labour only to fit your kitchen. Please contact us if you have any questions.


This was an instruction from a property manager to refurbish a kitchen in a rental house as part of an overall refit. This was a single family house was in a quiet suburb of Cardiff.

Principal requirements were to produce an economical kitchen that was attractive, without too much individual character so that it would have a broad appeal. The kitchen should be hard wearing and contain most of the modern conveniences a kitchen should have.

Silverbirch Kitchen Sink

The sink chosen was a stainless steel sink in a brushed finish. Stainless steel being easy to care for and very hard wearing. The monobloc kitchen tap giving it a modern feel.

Then bowl was positioned in front of the window to enable the user to look out into the garden, whether to watch children or to provide an open feel while working. The drainer was placed under the boiler and between the cooker and sink bowl. It allows hot pans to be easily placed on a heat resistant surface. So saving worktops from being damaged.

Silverbirch Cooker and Sink

Metal jointing strips were used to join worktops instead of butt and scribed joints. This would enable easy replacement of individual damaged worktops instead of a set of worktops.

Worktops chosen were of a dark colour and with a sheen rather than a shiny surface. The sheen finish would not show up wear as starkly as a shiny finished worktop.

Silverbirch Washing Machine

A compact kitchen. The washing machine was placed close to the sink to hook up to the sink drainage and water supply.

The space at the end of the work counter was reserved for locating a tall Fridge/freezer. The locations of the fridge, sink and cooker forming a compact "working triangle".

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Iron Street

The owner was a young lady who had just got her foot onto the housing ladder. For most young first time buyers, getting the deposit together to buy the house is hard enough. To furnish it stretches the finances even further.

Iron Street Kitchen

The kitchen units were purchased by the owner. These were flat packed Ikea kitchen units which have all the peculiarities of Ikea.

The flat pack units had been assembled by the owner to minimise on costs. Our function was to take out the old kitchen and install the new units, and services the kitchen required.

The worktops were of engineered solid beech wood. The breakfast bar was joined by butt and scribed joint to provide a continuous smooth surface. It was left sanded smooth for the owner to choose the final finish.

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Repossessed House Caerphilly

We were instructed to install a kitchen for a lending institution which had repossessed a house. The previous owner had taken out the kitchen.

The house was a modern house semi-detached 3 bed room about 10 years old on a housing estate.

Guan Rhos Before Kitchen Installation

The challenge in this job was to install a kitchen quickly and economically using as much of what was existing. The coral work worktop splashbacks, the locations of the plumbing and other services.

The kitchen units chosen were from the Magnet Milton range of kitchen units. These were economical and looked modern and discreet. The colour of the unit fronts complemented the existing coral splashbacks.

Oven and Extractor Hood

A chimney hood with extraction of cooking fumes to the exterior was provided. The boiler was not encased in a corner unit for reasons of cost and to facilitate servicing the boiler. In this case, the pipes would have remained visible even if the main boiler casing was inside a corner unit.

Worktops, storage and fridge location

The existing plumbing was altered to make insertion of a washing machine or washer dryer under the worktops. A built in machine was not provided to keep the cost down.

Entry to Kitchen Area

Exit to Garden

The floors for the kitchen and dining area were covered with a good quality cushioned vinyl floor which provided and easy care surface with a safe non slip surface to walk on.

The walls and ceiling were made good and painted in neutral colours . To make the kitchen appeal to as wide a range of potential buyers as possible.

Mount Pleasant Kitchen

This project was to bring up to date a kitchen in a 2 bed ex-council flat that was built around the 1950s. The property was to be a rental property. priorities were economy of installation, robust construction, modern conveniences and attractiveness.

Mount Pleasant Kitchen

White tiles were used for splashbacks for reasons of cost and to keep the room light.

Dark worktops with a sheen were chosen to be smart and hard wearing.

Mount Pleasant  Kitchen

Ready assembled unit carcasses from Howdens joinery were used for strength, long life and ease of installation. Drawers had steel sides and rollers for great sliding action.

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